WSP Smart Buildings – Website Build

The Brief

Ian from Feelgood Creative came to us needing site and theme development for his design and his client WSP.

Ian provided us with clean designs, leading to a completely custom build with lots of animation.

The website also needed to multi-lingual, to ensure it meets Canadian language requirements (English and French).

The Result

Woodbridge Web created a full-featured theme based on the WordPress content management system.

The theme is very faithful to Ian’s design, and the animation works really well and helps the flow of the homepage.

The theme is fully responsive, and utilises ACF custom fields to ensure that the design is kept ‘on rails’ but at the same time is very flexible, so the client can add rows of content where they need it on the pages. Other features such as a custom theme options panel ensures that global options can be easily managed too.

The theme is also multi-lingual, in French and English, set with a navigation selector.

The Response

Both Feelgood Creative and the end client, WSP are very happy with the result.