The Possible – Feelgood Creative

The Brief

Ian from Feelgood Creative came to us to custom build a new website for his client, WSP. The Possible is a print magazine and website that explores the changing nature of buildings and cities, and the ideas and innovations that can help them to function better.

WSP is a global engineering company.

The website brief was to transform Ian’s designs into a fully customisable WordPress website, with high attention to detail and clever animation.

The Result

We created a highly customised and unique website, which gives the articles a fun, creative and easy reading experience. Small animations, such as a progress bar, images which fix to the left when you scroll down and stand out quotes throughout the article help the design feel fresh and modern.

The website is based on WordPress and is a 100% custom theme to ensure that the posts can be displayed exactly how the client requires it. The site also utilises few plugins, to ensure the experience is snappy and heavy traffic, ensures a light footprint on the server and is great for SEO.

The website is responsive, meaning that the articles also look great on mobile. The clever design of the HTML means that the content on the left on desktop view, always stays relevant to the text on a smartphone.

The Response

Both WSP and Feelgood Creative are really happy with the website we have created. The theme works really well to capture the essence of the print magazine.

Articles in The Possible are regularly shared by ‘big media’ and has relatively high traffic and consumer engagement.