Kirsty Stutter Artist

The Brief

Kirsty came to Woodbridge Web needing a full overhaul of her website to promote her awesome Mixed-media art work.

Kirsty Stutter is an artist, based in Tunstall, UK.

We were really drawn in by the striking art she produces and immediately had many ideas about how to best display it on the internet. Inevitably, large imagery showing off the detail of her work was the best way forward.

The Result

Woodbridge Web created a stunning WordPress website, loading it with high-resolution imagery to show off what Kirsty creates. A custom theme meant that we could design it as we wanted to and ensures that it is easy for Kirsty update in the future.

Although the website is very image heavy, it still has relatively quick load times due to good image compression and caching systems.

We also host Kirsty’s website on our hosting platform. Read more about our hosting services.

The Response

Kirsty Stutter has been delighted with the new website and the response after it went live.