Grain Brewery

The Brief

Rob from Creative Giant came to us at Woodbridge Web to build their design for their client Grain Brewery.

Grain Brewery is an awesome artisan brewery based near Bungay in Suffolk.

Rob provided the designs for a custom WordPress build.

The Result

Woodbridge Web built the design from Creative Giant into a fully featured website for their client Grain Brewery.

The website uses the WordPress framework to ensure the client can keep it updated. We built a custom WordPress theme to accommodate the design.

The theme is flexible and allows the client to add beers and information for their trade customers – such as stock levels.

The Response

Rob and the end client at Grain Brewery have been very happy with the website, the implementation and how easy it is to keep updated.

The website helps extend the Grain Brewery brand to a great audience. They have seen a uptake with business since their new website went live.