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A Great Website

A website is one of the most important aspects of any modern business. It is the number one place potential customers look for products and services.

Your business can easily drown amongst competition if you don’t have a website, or an old, outdated one which people find hard to trust.

But threat not, Woodbridge Web can help you and your business succeed online.

Website Design & Development is at our Core

We are highly skilled in development of static and content managed websites, as well as complex e-commerce stores; as such, it comprises as the core of our business.


For the most part, we recommend a content managed website (CMS). This means you can login, change page content, add and edit blog posts, manage menus and much much more.

Our CMS of choice is WordPress. This highly flexible and powerful content management system is used by over 42% of ALL websites on the internet. As a result, it is backed by a huge community of developers, with continuous development in security and features.

Here at Woodbridge Web, we make sure that your WordPress website will be as easy to use, secure and bug free as possible. Performance is also something we work hard to achieve, so your customers aren’t left waiting for pages to load. We can hand code themes from scratch, meaning your website can be 100% unique in a crowded online world.

Mobile Friendly

Making your website mobile friendly, isn’t just a desirable – it is a necessity.

So far, in 2018, over 52% of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device. That is over 1/2. This figure is indicative of the importance of making your website easy to read and use on a smartphone or tablet. This is often referred to as ‘responsive’ – meaning your website responds to the user’s browsing device.

All of our websites are built to be mobile friendly. We will always take this into account when designing and developing your website.

We Can Help

We pride ourselves in our client relationships. We like to chat face to face and gain your trust the old fashioned way.

We are always happy have a chat about your website. We can run you through suggestions, and provide no obligation quotes. Just get in touch.

Get in touch with us

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