Hosting for your new website

We offer fully managed, secure and fast hosting services for your website.

What is hosting?

If you want a website online, you need two things.

  • A domain name (
  • Hosting

The first one we can advise and help with through 3rd party companies. The second one, we offer.

Our hosting is usually only reserved for our own website development customers. We own our own servers and want to keep them as fast and secure as possible. By putting sites we have built onto them, we know they can achieve our standards.

We offer fully managed hosting, meaning we monitor the server, it’s performance and it’s activity constantly. If there is an issue with your site we are on top of it straight away. If you have any questions, you can just give us a call. Your hosting tech support is us, so you won’t be left on hold for hours.

Our hosting packages start from just £10 a month.

Want more information on our hosting?

Just get in touch for more information, we are always happy to help.