Our Services

Web Design & Development

Web design and development is at our core. We concentrate on great site development, getting fantastic results for our clients.

We offer a fully comprehensive service when designing and building websites. We take great care to make our sites look alluring and trustworthy, no matter what device your audience views them on. We value clever use of typography and spacing, providing clarity and ensuring your website gives your message loud and clear.

Equally important is your users experience. We are experts in usability and make sites that are intuitive and a joy to use. Our knowledge of the nuts and bolts of websites means your site will perform well, both in speed and search engines (SEO), essential to ensuring your businesses success online.

Online Shops
(E-commerce websites)

An online version of your shop or business can open you up to a much greater audience.

We are very experienced in building bespoke e-commerce solutions for businesses. We can build and advise with WooCommerce (WordPress) based solutions, along with integrations such as mailing lists and social sharing for your products.

We will take the time to guide you through developing an online store that’s just right for your business.

Graphic Design & Business Branding

We create brands, business logos, marketing banners, business cards, and other media which are clean, modern and convey a professional impression.

First impressions count. People make a decision about your business within seconds of looking at your logo and website. An effective website and branding will inspire confidence and trust, engaging customers and gaining their business.

Digital Marketing & Strategy

Many of our clients are small businesses, who aren’t really sure where to start. Managing your online presence can be easy – you just need to know how, and we’re here to help.

There are many tools available to give your business an online presence. The number 1 online tool, is your own website. Email marketing can be very effective and sites such as a social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc can help boost your visibility. There are also services such as directories to boost links to your business in the online world.

We can help guide you through the musts and desirables and how you manage this in a way that is appropriate to your business.

Website Hosting

Hosting is necessary to have a website. We have our own servers and offer fully managed hosting solutions to take the stress away from you and your business.

Our hosting packages are secure and fully managed, to make sure you get the best for your website. We offer hosting only for our own website clients, so we know what’s going on them and can easily maintain security.